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Making of Center of Universe

Over the last three weeks, I spent every free moment working on my motion piece “Center of Universe”. Here are some of the assets that came out of the work.

You can check out the full video at: http://youtu.be/4OT7MWeZTQk.

Unbalancing Design

I was laying in bed the other day when for no reason at all, a very strange thought came to my head:

If Superman was 8 ft tall, he would be hated by all.

“That’s ridiculous!” I questioned my mind . . . but my brain persisted.

If Superman was 8 feet tall he would have stood out like a sore thumb his entire adolescence.  His height couldn’t have been hid behind clothing or glasses and everyone would’ve been able to see him for the super-sized, super powerful alien that he always really was.   He would have faced constant discrimination and that would’ve most likely turned him bitter and resentful of the whole human race.

If his resentment turned in to anger he would have become Zod.  But if his bitterness turned to sadness, he probably would have left Earth to never return again.

“You’re right!” I smugly told myself.   As I held on to this thought of how such a small difference (like height) would have changed the entire dynamic of Superman’s character I realized how if anything was tweaked even a bit, the whole structure would fall like a house of cards.

If fonts like Helvetica were to be altered even a bit, it would move away from harmony and towards unbalance.
Somehow this line of thinking quickly took a turn towards creationistic ideas . . .how if any variable in our solar system were to be shifted by even a degree. . . .

But I digressed . . .

It’s interesting to think as designers about the rules that inform our ideas.  As a perpetual student of life, I will always be thinking about the principles and rules that have and will inform my designs and also ponder how it is that I can break them with (positive) impact.  Balance has always an idea that has intrigued me, but I would be interested to hear what everyone else thinks on the subject of design.

Bad Design

If good design is invisible, then bad design is as obvious as a sledgehammer to the face.

A few weeks ago I went out with a friend to grab a drink at a local bar.  For the sake of the establishment, we will call this Bar Frank’s.  Now my friend was very eager to share this bar with me as they had some of the best ‘Tennessee Teas’ she’d ever had.  Although I had past by Frank’s many times over the years, I had never stepped inside.  My designer friend didn’t hesitate to tell me that once I got in, I would probably find something pretty funny about their menu’s logo.  And sure I did.
This my friends, was the brilliant logo Frank chose for his menu.  Now maybe it was because my friend already planted the seed of intrigue that I even found something to see but when I first saw Frank’s logo, I couldn’t help but see an unfinished swastika.

See what I’m saying?

What blew my mind was that at some point a graphic designer actually made the conscious choice to use this as the logo. . .not only that but they thought it was a good idea too!

There are plenty of sites that are dedicated to pointing out the blunders of bad design and they can be comical and ridiculous.  They can also be something that we can learn from, because as designers we can all flub up and make mistakes.

Finding inspiration in Siddhartha’s words

“There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed.”

I found this amazing Siddhartha quote a couple of months ago, and I really liked how meaningful, yet abstract it seems.  It feels like it’s really open to interpretation-perhaps like most things in life.  It made me think about the extremes of what our emotions can make us feel.  Feelings that can both depress and elevate.  I believe that perspective determines whether emotions are related in positive or negative ways but I have a suspicion that when Siddhartha said “There is no passion’s like fire” he meant it in a way that passion has the power to burn one’s foundation to the ground.  Burn one’s house to cinders!

But going back to when I first read this quote, I related to it in a positive way, like ‘no brighter light exists then the one we possess in our hearts’.  It was a very positive way of relating to those words and it made me feel pretty happy :>  I thought wow, what a beautiful image, we contain inside ourselves the fire to power our lives.  With that energy that we have for life, we can achieve anything!  And I really wanted to capture that idea in an image.
So, with the reference of some old medical drawing and that thought in mind, I made this illustration.

Analogue to Digital

I was sketching some ideas for paintings last night, and as I looked back on some of the ideas today, I saw that they were better suited as illustrator images.  Here’s what I got up to today.

Art Making in the Digital Era

When I meet someone for the first time and they inevitably ask me ‘What do you do?’  my common response is ‘I’m an artist’.  I focus my time on different art making practices so I naturally find my definition through what occupies my time.  My recent focus on digital art might define me more as a graphic designer or digital illustrator but I often feel quite disconnected from my digital representation of self.  The idea of definition lead me to consider how I see what I do, dependent of how I do it.Continue Reading

The Propaganda Machine

American Propaganda

I was recently working on a project for the news website The Propagandist.  What the project consisted of was forming a mascot that would be used in 6 different illustrations depicting the themes of different news branches.  Frankly, it was a bit of a dream assignment, since it focused on illustration so heavily.  And like all good projects, it came with many moments of learning too. I figure I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I thought I write about the process in creating these illustrations.  Hope it’s illuminating!
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The making of a Wedding Invite!

Weddings!  My favorite holiday.  Ah yes, that special time of year when we all come together to pledge our undying love for trees.  It was finally my honor, chosen by the Royal Guildigers, to make next years wedding invitation and here is a brief account of my process.

I started out by drawing the central illustration, which tradition determined it be a tree.

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Polygon Lyon

The majestic Lyon.  King of the kilobyte kingdom.  Dare you challenge him to a staring contest??

Heads up

Thought I’d update the site with a wallpaper I just made.  Enjoy!

Character Concept Art

Thought I’d post some character concept art I drew up for my friend’s role playing game  Hope you enjoy!Continue Reading

Two New Logo Projects

I’m proud to say that I’ve completed two new logo designs.  And without any further adieu . . . I hope they show the broad nature of my skills and I’m now happy to say I will be accepting any an all graphic design work!Continue Reading

The book is registered and logo finalized!

Good news!  I’ve received my ISBN number and registered my book with Library and Archives Canada.  I’ve also finalized the logo for my Publishing Entity.  Woot woot!  Super Productive Man in the sky!Continue Reading

Cover Contemplations

As some of you may know, I have been working for the past while on writing a book.  Well, I have almost finished formatting the entire book.  That’s right, the book will soon be ready for print! Only thing I have yet to do is settle on a cover. I spent the last two weeksContinue Reading

Respect and Old Men

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